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Our professional movers are here to streamline all your moving needs on a case-by-case basis.


Allowing your business to keep running smoothly through your transition with customized solutions.


Looking to do some simple rearranging? Have an out of the box request? We can help with that too!

Why Coffman Moving Service?

Coffman Moving Service was started by Hopkins County native, Woody Coffman, who has worked for at the United States Post Office for 10 years. Through the years spent delivering mail to local citizens, Woody realized how many citizens moved to, from, and generally around our local community. With a quick Google search, he realized there was a deficit in affordable moving companies in the local area who could offer reliable and professional services for this particular need. 


Woody decided that he would provide a solution for this problem and began Coffman Moving Service in 2018. Since then not only has he built a team of full-service movers who handle everything with care, they've already managed to make hundreds of moves for people in the tri-state area. 


Whether you are relocating long distance or within the same city limits, Coffman Moving Service ensures you the kind of service that you won't get from national brands. With smiling faces, an eagerness to help, and a full skill set, these guys can make your new house a home in a matter of hours. 


With a 92% satisfaction rating, Coffman Moving Services is a full-service moving company, handling everything from packing, loading, transporting, and unpacking your belongings into your new space. The main goal is to provide affordable moving services by a company (and people) that you can trust. This company started out as a way to help fulfill a local need and has blossomed into a thriving business supplying income for almost ten additional employees.

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