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professional relocation services to make your move easy, convenient, and stress-free

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Coffman Moving Service is a company that is committed to making your move a stress-free experience. From across state lines, right around the block, or upgrading from a single office to an entire building with a corner lot, we ensure you professional moving services with a friendly smile and undeniable efficiency. 


Our main goal is to help you organize your move from the beginning to end to ensure that the disruption to your life is kept to a minimum and you can focus on the things that really matter. From providing printable checklists, moving tips, doing a day of assembly + disassembly, you can count on us to make this experience one that is easy for you. 



Whatever your needs may be, Coffman Moving Services is more than happy to exceed your expectations when it comes to time, budget, and the moving process. 


When you choose Coffman Moving Service, you can rest assured you will receive transparent pricing, insurance coverage, strong references, full-service options, exceptional customer service, and open lines of communication throughout the entire process. 


We understand that moving can be a stressful task that can not only take a toll on your but on your business and employees. Like any situation, sometimes surprises are unavoidable, however, we firmly believe that the price you pay upon completion of moving from one place to another shouldn't be one of them. Before you choose Coffman Moving Service, our founder will personally provide you with an affordable moving quote based on your specific needs. The quote given will cover the cost associated with relocation from one space to another, as well as the additional services that you may require to best fit you and your company.


While Coffman Moving Service will provide you with a choice of packing options, we aim to go above and beyond in every aspect of the business we provide. With that, we have developed custom printable resources that can help to alleviate additional stress during the relocation process. Our varied packing options will allow flexibility with how much help you require from us during the process, but the printables are a free resource that can help you regardless of which package you decide upon. 

  • Full-Service Packing - Upon request, Coffman Moving Service can provide a full-service package that includes packing your entire business from your file cabinets to miscellaneous items in storage. Using industry methods to ensure quality service and combining that with a team who will treat the item as if it is their own, you can rest assured your belongings could not be entrusted to more qualified moving specialists. 

  • Do-It-Yourself Packing - DIY Packing comes into play when customers choose to pack their own items. When this option is chosen, we leave all the packing to you, but we help with the heavy lifting. Upon request, we can provide moving boxes and packaging materials to streamline the process. 

  • Fragile Packing - We completely understand that some items making the move may be delicate and need additional care and attention when being handled by our team. When this is the case, we ask that you alert us to breakable items, or those that are irreplaceable with sentimental value, so that we can pack and unload them with the utmost care. 

  • Loading - Before loading any furniture or packed items, we first inspect each item to ensure that it is properly packed to ensure a safe journey from one space to another. For upholstered furniture, we wrap each in a soft blanket or durable plastic wrap to protect it against potential damage that can sometimes come with the move. Once all items are deemed as safe for transport, they are loaded onto a vehicle to be moved to the new location. 

  • Unloading - Upon delivery and unloading each item, we take inventory to ensure that no item was left behind. With your guidance, our movers can unload each box or individual item into the correct room in your new office space. 

  • Transportation - We can provide one of our moving trucks to transport your equipment upon request. Regardless of whether we use a professional truck or your own vehicles, we can ensure that your property will be handled with care and professionalism. Whether it is around the block, across town, or long distance, our employees will ensure a great experience and quality work for you from beginning to end.

  • Unpacking - Upon request, Coffman Moving Service can provide unpacking services that will help to expedite the process of settling into your new property. This add-on can include emptying your packed boxes and removing related packing supplies to be disposed of.

  • Assembly/Disassembly - Our team of professional movers can provide the additional service of assembly and disassembly before or after your move upon request.

  • Moving Truck- We can provide one of our moving trucks to transport your equipment upon request. Whether it is around the block, across town, or long distance, our employees will ensure a great experience and quality work for you from beginning to end.

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